Controlling alcoholism is not something that is easy for anyone to do. There are all sorts of great medications for alcohol addiction treatment that can be used for helping to handle the problem however. There are indeed four great medications that are used for the treatment of alcoholism. Nevertheless, it should be known that consultation with a doctor is most likely needed and that not all medicines work for all people.

The first of the drugs used for controlling alcoholism is that of ReVia. This is a prescription that is taken in one fifty milligram dose each day. While the average person will experience some kind of nausea as the person starts taking the drug, there is one great side effect that will begin to take place over time. That effect is that the person will begin to have a reduced craving for alcohol. It is safe and can have no harmful effects on the liver. In fact, in 2006, the Food and Drug Administration approved an injectable version of the drug that lasted for thirty days.

Antabuse is another of the top medications for treatment. This is used with the intention of controlling the ability of the liver to metabolize alcohol in the body. This means that if the person who uses the drug consumes alcohol, an effect of a hangover might occur immediately. In fact, that hangover can be at a level of impact of five times or greater what one would normally feel in a hangover. This is used so that the person will be prevented from drinking any further. This is a drug intended only for those who have other forms of treatment and are looking to stop abusing alcohol.

Zofran is not FDA approved but it has been used for alcohol addiction. This drug is also used with the intention of treating the nausea that is involved in chemotherapy. One of the main side effects here is that it has been reported to be a drug that also helps to reduce the desire for alcohol. The FDA has been considering using this for the treatment of alcohol addiction.

The fourth of the medications for treatment is Topirimate. It is a drug that is proven to not only reduce desires for alcohol but also to make it more difficult for the body to ingest alcohol. It works to handle all the psychological dependence parts of the addiction.

There are a few things to use before taking one of these medicines for controlling alcoholism. Risks are involved with these medicines, and not every person will react the same to certain medicines. Further, some of them can have an impact on the liver. For example, before it was pulled, Serzone was used for treatment but was found to increase liver damage. It is best to talk with a doctor for details on what will work the best for the individual.

These medications for alcohol addiction treatment can be used to help with breaking the cycle of alcohol abuse. They can be used for controlling alcoholism without ever damaging the liver. It is best to talk with a doctor for full details on these medicines before using any of them though.